Creative Seo SEO Why MilesWeb's Managed AWS Cloud Hosting is Booming in Market?

Why MilesWeb's Managed AWS Cloud Hosting is Booming in Market?

Still, planning to move your business online in 2021? What is stopping you? Finance, lack of hosting knowledge, online management insecurity can be some reasons setting you back from taking your business to the online platform.

In the world trending on digital marketing, it has become vital to take the business online.

Multiple ways can help you become an online entrepreneur or businessman.

There are a few steps to follow, and there you are with a brand new online business.

  • Create a website using CMS, as that’s an easy choice to make.
  • Select a web hosting plan for your website.
  • Host a website with the help of a hosting service provider.

There are various CMSs available in the market. The CMS helps in developing websites with the help of ready to use themes and plugins. You can select an appropriate theme and plugins of your choice for your website. Some of the CMS systems are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. WordPress is a widely used CMS compared to other CMS.

The other most important thing is selecting the web hosting type for your website. You can host your website with shared, VPS, dedicated, or managed cloud hosting.

Each type is suitable for a specific website.

In shared hosting, the website shares server space and the resources like RAM, bandwidth, CPU, etc. Shared hosting is for small scale business sites needing fewer resources and space.

VPS hosting uses virtualization. VPS divides the server space into virtual portions giving the liberty of selecting OS of choice to the users. VPS provides scalability, which means you can scale up and scale down the resources according to the website. Medium-scale and enterprise-level businesses prefer VPS hosting because of scalability.

In dedicated hosting, the user owns the entire server space. It is the best fit for large size businesses. Although the dedicated server hosting is too expensive, it provides quite large functionalities than shared and VPS hosting.

These days the cloud hosting services are taking over the market. It is the best hosting type as it provides scalability, pay per use, reliability, security to a greater extent than other hosting types.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting allows you to host your site on multiple connected physical servers. Instead of hosting your website on a single physical server, cloud hosting lets you host a website on linked servers called cloud. Cloud computing makes use of a virtual environment. Cloud hosting balances the load and increases the uptime of websites.

As cloud computing connects multiple servers, the resources also increase.

Cloud provides you high uptime guarantee, scalability, and a dedicated IP.

Cloud architecture works in distributed form. The webpages are distributed across various cloud servers and are replicated on various servers reducing the chances of data loss.

Likely, the cloud server saves the webpages of a website on different cloud clusters.

Cloud hosting is the best fit for numerous websites like eCommerce, high traffic sites, enterprise-level sites, etc.

To know about cloud hosting is not enough when you are planning to host a website using cloud servers. It is mandatory to know about managed and unmanaged cloud hosting.

Unmanaged cloud hosting is where you buy the cloud hosting plan and manage the resources on your own. The user has to manage the databases, hardware, software tools, etc.

In managed hosting, the hosting service provider looks after the resource, databases, hardware, etc. All you need to focus on is your business.

There are various web hosting service providers furnishing managed cloud services. Also,you will get to seeunmanaged cloud hosting service providers. The ultimate way to use cloud hosting is managed cloud hosting to lessen the overheads of resources, databases, and website management.

One of the big names in cloud hosting service is AWS.

AWS stands for Amazon WebServices, provides a cloud web hosting platform to the users. In most cases, AWS does not furnish managed cloud services. But big web hosting companies are providing managed AWS cloud hosting services.

One of the biggest web hosting companies providing managed AWS cloud hosting is MilesWeb. MilesWeb is India’s biggest web hosting company furnishing various web hosting services, namely shared, VPS, reseller, dedicated, managed AWS hosting, WordPress hosting, and digitalocean cloud hosting etc. The company has more than 70+ web hosting plan at a cheaper cost. They provide the best-managed cloud hosting services.

MilesWeb manages the client’s AWS cloud infrastructure at a cheaper cost. You can entirely focus on your business by letting MilesWeb manage your AWS cloud.

MilesWeb providesmanaged AWS cloud hosting for Windows and Linux OS. You have the liberty to select the location of your choice.

The base plan for Linux OS includes 512MB RAM, 1vCPU, 20GB Space, and 512GB bandwidth.

What MilesWeb provides their client in managed services.

AWS Certified Team

The company has a certified team of experts to manage your cloud infrastructure. They take care of the security concerns, databases, and the backend.

Suggest Suitable Plan

MilesWeb provides a suitable managed cloud hosting plan for your business.


As the company uses the best security tools and has the best AWS support team, your data is secure with them.

Free Migration

Your data is migrated free of cost and without loss.

They take good care of the smooth working of your website.

Economical Managed Cloud Hosting Plans

MilesWeb has the cheapest plans compared to other managed cloud hosting service providers.

24*7 Client Support

The company believes in customer satisfaction and provides the best client support regarding all types of hosting queries.

Complete Server Management

MilesWeb furnishes server management for a complicated hosting environment.

OS Update

They take care of auto-updates of server and OS to make your data secure.

Account Management

The company manages the hosting account by looking after the network, uptime and security.

MilesWeb is furnishing the best managed AWS cloud hosting facilities, whereas it is a DIY with AWS cloud hosting. Be wise and select the one you can grow your business with. It is very important for everyone to grow businesses rather than jumping into technicalities. Let MilesWeb deal with the technical things while you are busy growing your business.

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