Creative Seo SEO How to Do Local Internet Marketing?

How to Do Local Internet Marketing?

There is no chance that a business can succeed nowadays if they don’t have an online presence. This may include having a website or social media accounts where they can present their brand to the public. People are investing much more into advertising on the internet instead of TV or other methods. The way it is done has changed a lot in the past decade and it’s become more complex and competitive.

Digital marketing involves many things including content marketing, SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, affiliate marketing and many similar methods. One of the things you should focus the most is to increase local presence. If you don’t have an employee that will manage search engine optimization, there are many Mansfield SEO companies you can rely on, just make sure they are reputable and efficient. Being on the first page of Google can mean a lot to your business especially if you are at the beginning.

Mobile Friendly

Recent studies have shown that people are using their phones 70% more than their PCs which means that most searches will be on their mobile phones. Having a website that is optimized in such a way will help you get to the number one spot on Google and it will be easier for customers to navigate through it. There is also a difference when it comes to marketing because you need to have someone to design an ad for smaller screens.

It should be simple to access but also have a clear design without too much content. This has to be done on every website because the number of mobile users is increasing every year as technology advances. If it isn’t optimized, it may not show on the search engine at all.

Professional Design

The design you will pick is determined by the business you run. Having a professional look is crucial for user experience and will help you to increase sales. Every 1 in 3 visitors will leave the page after a few seconds if they don’t like the appearance and will look for something more appealing. This is why it’s much better to hire someone to do it for you instead of doing it yourself even if it is very easy to manage nowadays.

You have the tools online to make a website on your own with a couple of hours of guides. But, this doesn’t mean you beat your competition, instead try to find flaws in their design and apply it to yours. This will assure better UI and UX. Trends are changing each year but a simple white background with less content is always recommended for starters. It takes time to improve your rank so you shouldn’t add a bunch of articles in a few days. Read more about it here.

Promote Customer Support

One of the things that annoy clients the most is poor customer service. If you own a business where customer service matters, try promoting it locally is analyze the outcome. You will have to improve it first before advertising so it can work. In cases where you don’t have to focus on it but are in contact with the customer, make sure they have multiple options to contact you, display it on your website on the main page.

There are online services that can do the answering and reply for you but it can impact your budget. One of the best ideas is to implement an AI bot on your website which will answer all questions and possibly market a certain product. Some of the bots that exist today are so well programmed that you won’t be able to recognize if it is a normal person or a program.

Focus on Social Media

Social media is the main source of traffic for many businesses and for a reason. It is the place where many people spend a lot of their time on and when you are present in every one of them, the chances to increase sales are bigger. There are many studies on how to market your business on Facebook or Instagram but these changes each year.

You can use the method where people have to share and tag people on your post in order to win a giveaway. This is the method mostly used nowadays and is pretty efficient. The problem is that you will need to have some base for it and loyal customers that will engage. If your numbers are low on social media, you can display it in your store and website.

In order to beat your competition, you will need to invest more time and effort into these posts on the website and social media accounts. Most of them will only display pictures of products or the store and a certain message. Something that will impact the customer or client more is an interesting video or moving image that illustrates something. You’ll never know if a certain clip will go viral and send a lot of traffic to your business. Find more information here:

Locally Targeted Advertising

You can speed up the process by advertising on Google but make sure they focus on local people. You can set the radius, age and similar details that will help to target the right people for your business. One of the ways you can do it for free is to have content related to the location of your company. By implementing it on your website or social media, Google and customers will recognize it.

By having your city or area as a keyword, you are telling the search engine that people in the area should be the main people reading it. Google is constantly updating its algorithm so it is very capable of recognizing who to target after you input certain details. You might have other companies doing the same thing so try to offer something better.

Reviews and Feedback

A great thing is that doing marketing online can be free all the way if you know what you are doing. There are plenty of websites that will write reviews about every single market. In some cases, these reviews won’t be legitimate, company owners will buy them so it will seem they are doing a great job. But, it is always better to address the problems instead of hiding them so try to answer all the feedback you get and make the improvement.

By answering their reviews, you are acknowledging their concerns which mean a lot to the client. You can later delete them if the customer got what they wanted. When they write a good review, you are looking at free marketing for your company. You can hire someone to write it for you and place it on related websites.


You can use the information you have about your customer base to retarget them and potentially get old clients back. Retargeting is usually done through email but it will be most efficient if you come with a great offer they won’t be able to resist. This will depend on your business model but each discount, new product or service should be promoted this way. Even if it is the old way of doing marketing, follow-up emails still work and can bring old clients. There isn’t a specific way that will do great for every business but you will learn the most by watching your competitors.

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