Creative Seo SEO Belfast SEO Agency Guide to SEO & Digital Marketing for Estate Agents

Belfast SEO Agency Guide to SEO & Digital Marketing for Estate Agents

We can all agree that online marketing is something that every single business should implement, and the same thing works for real estate agents. The main problem that they face throughout their work is challenges in attracting new customers.

Even though you may get a few referrals, most people nowadays are double-checking online for potential reviews and other considerations that will help them choose you instead of your competitors. By checking out Belfast SEO Agency blog posts, you will be able to check a guide that will help you improve optimization for real estate agents.

The idea is to consider a systematic strategy that will help you boost your agency and reach the prominent spot that will attract new customers. Let us see what SEO can bring to your real estate agency.

Google Has Become a New Yellow Pages Guide

Back in the day, real estate agents had to use Yellow Pages as the best way to promote themselves in the local area, primarily due to the inability to use the internet.

However, nowadays, 95% of people are searching for local business online, which means that Google is something you should optimize.

Even though things are changing rapidly in the world of SEO, advertising is the biggest expanse that both small and large enterprises are making. Therefore, it is vital to find ways to boost your Google rankings so that you can get more visitors than before.

According to statistics, both international and national companies have to wait approximately one year or twelve months to see transparent results on an SEO campaign.

However, you can rest assured, because real estate agents have fantastic advantage since you will compete only with local agents, and not the ones that are on the other side of the world as other industries. You should click here to learn more on real estate industry in overall.

  1. Select Keywords

The first step that will help you reach more people than before is by conducting a comprehensive analysis and research of potential keywords that are representing your services. For instance, you can implement a real estate agent, Real Estate Company, realtor, and many more.

If you wish to see how the keyword is competing in your local and national area, you should create Ad Words account. We are not talking about the idea that you should pay for ads, but having this particular account will allow you to enter the Google Keyword Planner tool.

With it, you can input the appropriate keyword and see their relevance, popularity, how much traffic they get as well as related keywords that are not on the list.

Have in mind that keywords tend to fall into two categories:

  • Buying Intent – It is essential to have in mind that when you are buying intent keywords that is a signal that prospect is ready for your products or services. For instance, these keywords can be directly associated with the intent of purchase, such as “buying a house in Florida.” When someone is searching this particular term, it means that he/she is ready to relocate. The focus should be on creating and buying intent keywords because they are most efficient in the long run. Try to implement them on your homepage as well as other service pages that you have.
  • Research Intent – On the other hand, this particular type of keywords will provide you a thorough signal that potential customer is just looking around and searching. Even though he/she does not want to sell right away, but for not, they are just checking out potential prices and other information. For instance, if someone is searching home prices in Florida, that is because they are considering this particular decision, but not right away. Have in mind that these keywords are a low priority since they can bring you visitors but not customers.

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  1. Optimize Keywords

Optimization of your keywords means implementing them inside your content so that it looks natural. You have to create Google My Business and write down a description that will contain the primary keyword that you wish to use.

That way, you will enhance online presence, and local searchers will find you as soon as they search around for similar keyword as you implemented.