Creative Seo SEO 5 Things You Mustn’t Miss On Your Sales Funnel Optimization

5 Things You Mustn’t Miss On Your Sales Funnel Optimization

You probably know how great a sales funnel can be for your business. It’s the best way to get customers in your section of the internet ocean and give them an opportunity to leave the online store with a great product.

In this article, you’ll learn what you can’t miss while building your landing page. For those that are not familiar with it, it is the place where the funnel redirects people from all around the internet. Everyone that gets inside will come out on this landing page which is the place where you sell the products. Read on to learn more about this!

1. Make an error-free landing page

There’s no room for mistakes here. This is the place where people will first come and the first impression is most important. It may later result in more or less sales whether the people will love it or not.

The first and most important thing to take care of is having a fast working page. If your servers are slow and it takes forever to load, customers will leave before they even see your products. Of course, when we say forever we actually mean several seconds, because people on the internet don’t like waiting too much. Learn more about this here.

Another very important thing is always having enough capacity on your server. You want as more people as possible coming to your page. A lot of them at the same time will make a weak server crash. You can’t afford to place links all over the internet for something you sell and when they click it to get a crashed page. Invest in a fast and strong server.

Finally, make sure your site looks good. Listen to designers’ advice and create something that will both simple and useful. People need to browse through it with ease and be able to find the sale button. Everything else is just personal preference.

2. Pay more attention to social networks

The places where you get most customers are social networks. Facebook, for example, have a couple of billion registered users. Instagram has a billion. Placing a strategically accurate add on them will get you a ton of visitors.

The good thing about almost all social networks is that they are now optimized for companies and their advertisement. You’ll be able to post you add only to people who you think will be interested in this.

3. Always learn new stuff

Always be present on the internet and learn the new methods and trends in the business. Pay attention to what’s going on in the world of internet marketing. What was trending in 2018, it may be totally irrelevant today. See more on funnel optimizing in 2019 on the link if want to know what’s going on today in the world of online funnels.

4. Use the upsell option

Research showed that giving people an option to buy something more while they are interested in one product often results in more sales. That means you should always have space on your page for stuff that will be offered and people can buy it while they’re there.

Also, it’s smart to give more options. For example, if you’re selling shoes, you’d like to sell your newest model that is the most expensive. Not everyone has the money for it though. You can give an offer on the side for those whose budget is limited.

5. Offer a variety of products

Unless you’ve made a page for selling just one product, it’s good to offer everything you have. Let’s take the same example – selling shoes. If you’re a store that sells sports shoes, it’s good to place a bar where people can see that you also have shirts.

This way you expand the chance of a sale for a lot more than just keeping the person coming through the funnel to buy only the one product they came for.


Optimizing your landing page is very important for making the best out of the funnel you’re creating. Without it, you’ll certainly have sales, but they can rise to more than 200% if you do a better job.