Creative Seo hosting What Makes VPS Hosting a Great Median Between Shared and Dedicated Hosting?

What Makes VPS Hosting a Great Median Between Shared and Dedicated Hosting?

Digitization led to an increase in the number of websites and a subsequent increase in the demand for good web hosting services. Traditionally, Shared Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting were the only two options available to site owners. However, as technology evolved, server virtualization allowed hosting companies to offer a new type of hosting service – VPS Hosting. Today, we will look at VPS Hosting and discuss the reasons behind it being a great median between Shared and Dedicated Hosting services.

Understanding Shared, VPS, and Dedicated Hosting

In Shared Hosting, your website resides on a shared physical server where several websites share the resources of one physical server. On the other end of the spectrum is Dedicated Hosting, where your website resides on a web server alone. The resources are not shared with anyone and are completely dedicated to your website.

Server virtualization allowed hosting providers to create a third kind of hosting – VPS Hosting. In this hosting service, the web host creates multiple virtual servers on one physical web server. These virtual servers have dedicated resources and an isolated hosting environment with complete root access.

What makes VPS Hosting the perfect median between Shared and Dedicated Hosting?

One of the biggest benefits of Shared Hosting is the cost – it is the cheapest hosting service. Also, it is easy to use since the host manages all technical aspects, and you can get started in no time. However, Shared Hosting has some limitations, and usually, websites outgrow these plans in some time. Earlier, such websites would opt for Dedicated Server Hosting since they didn’t have any other option.

The server architecture of VPS Hosting services was designed to provide a Dedicated Server-like hosting environment at marginal costs. Although virtual servers share the same physical server, they are an upgrade over Shared Hosting with account isolation and elimination of the bad neighbor issue. VPS Hosting plans combine the feature-benefits of a Dedicated Server with the cost-benefit of Shared Hosting service.

Therefore, when a site needs a better hosting plan than a Shared Hosting plan, it can step up to a VPS plan with Dedicated Server-like features without burning a hole in its pockets. The dedicated resources of a VPS ensure that the performance of other sites does not impact that of your website. Also, account isolation adds a layer of security. Further, complete root access empowers you to customize the hosting environment as per your needs. While a Dedicated Hosting service offers all these features, the costs are too high. This is where VPS Hosting services make their mark.

Summing Up

Running and managing a website is a journey of continuous growth. Hence, there are times when the site owner needs to upgrade to a different hosting type. While most new websites start with a Shared Hosting plan, when they experience growth, they need a hosting service that can manage their current and future needs without costing too much. Since a VPS Hosting service is designed to offer a Dedicated Server-like environment, it becomes the perfect median between a Shared and Dedicated Hosting service.

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