Creative Seo Advertising Social Media Best Timing Practices

Social Media Best Timing Practices

When it comes to social media, many tend to think that the more, the better, right! And in as much as there is some truth to this, you need a formulated plan to make it practical. You cannot expect to post every waking moment waiting for a success every time. There is some finesse and class that should come with it. You have to consider the industry you operate under, which may include retail, healthcare, food, and beverage, to mention a few. Secondly, you have to factor in the time your audience is most online, so on and so forth. And in this piece, we shall be taking a look into the practices that will make your social media posting presence a success.

  1. Know your audience

As aforementioned, studying the time your audience is online is crucial, and this is involved in knowing them as well. You have to put yourself in the shoes of a person on the receiving end of your product or service. And while you do that, ask yourself a few questions- ‘What time would I ideally be searching for this item? Which platform would I use? And for how long?’ These fundamental questions will give you an idea of what your audience is all about, and from that, you will know the best time to post on your social media.

  1. Always try something new

The second practice to always follow is to strive to try something new regularly. Social media has trends that go in and out of fashion, and you should then take advantage of them. Any SEO company will attest that this kind of workflow goes. If people are talking about a particular challenge, tailor your company’s advertisement or post to relate to that challenge to get more views and, eventually, a more significant following. If you do this, you might end up going viral, and this is good for your brand.

  1. Optimize your content

Content marketing requires you to optimize your material. You have to make sure that you use keywords and hashtags as captions to your pictures to maximize the visibility of the content. Optimization does not only make you visible but also ranks you on top amongst your competitors. Luckily today, you can take advantage of programs that generate these hashtags and keywords automatically. And all you will have to do is link the two accounts and voila.

  1. Schedule Your Posts In Advance

It is known that failing to plan is planning to fail. So much so, it would be best if you adopted a culture of scheduling your posts. This activity will give you ample time to select or make meaningful imagery or text that will make the most impact. Later on, this saves you so much time since you will not be in a rush finding new content every time you need to post.


Having a spic and span account is all dependant on you. The success of the business profile will require you to be organized and diligent so that you make the most impact. And following the practices above, you will, for sure, get there.